Bulk Orders

Over the previous few years, we have seen significant growth in demand and market share for custom formulation and private label personal care products. As more and more clients reach out to us to provide bulk and wholesale personal care products for their storefronts, we have responded by offering customized pricing and order quantities. Our goal is to make growing and developing your personal care brand with ease by opening bulk skincare opportunities at affordable rates.

Working with our team at Made by Nature Labs gives you way more freedom in your product selection. We have more than 400 different formulas ready to be ordered by your brand, available for bulk personal care products from a wide variety of naturally sourced ingredients and purposes. Your customers will love ordering a customized line of selected products in your e-commerce store, retail space, hotel lobby, spa, or personal business.

Made by Nature Labs offers all your wholesale natural skincare solutions at one easy-to-use manufacturer location. Our expert sales and development team will walk you through the different available bulk hair care, skincare, and personal care products available from our formulations. We use natural ingredients that are cruelty-free and often vegan friendly. This enhances your brand offerings and is aligned with current market trends towards a more holistic product base. That is why Made by Nature Labs is your best private label bulk hair care and personal care solution.

All of our bulk personal care products are made here in our modern facility and can be shipped to your location. That means we follow the strict EU standards for safe, ethically sourced products and can pass on the documentation you need to show your customers that you are a more socially aware brand using our products with your labels.

Custom Formulation Bulk Skin Care Solutions

We love watching startups and established companies build out their skin and hair care products using our formulations. Our process is incredibly easy to use:

  •  Select one of our stock formulas for your bulk purchase, or have us create a custom formulation.
  •  Decide on the quantity of each selected product to be shipped directly to your location.
  •  Receive your naturally made personal care products to fill out your inventory for sale to your customers.

It really is that easy! With Made by Nature Labs, we keep your brand in mind the whole way through. Our job is to help you with the custom products you need to grow and the sound advice that will allow you to secure a more significant target market share.

Our Bulk Personal Care Products involve: 

  • Minimum order quantity starts at 25kg for face care products
  • Minimum order quantity for all other products is 50kg
  • Choose from one of our 400+ stock formulas for bulk purchasing
  • Create your own custom formulation by working with our support team
  • Use our private label services to save your company time, money, and resources
  • Pass on our strict EU safety guidelines and natural ingredients to your customers

We are proud to open this new line of service for our clients. Bulk orders are a new exciting pathway to reaching a lot of health spas and hotel resorts that require larger purchases to keep up with the demand of their customers. We are honored to be partnering with so many world-renown clients.

Ready to get started with Made By Nature Labs’ line of natural skincare products? Send us a note through our contact page or give us a call. Our team is happy to answer any questions, comments, or inquiries you may have about developing your own brand.

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