Natural Skincare Trends in 2022, 2023 and Beyond

People are increasingly becoming obsessed with natural, organic products which are less harmful than chemicals. Moreover, since ‘natural’ refers to being close to nature, the word is taking the beauty industry by storm as more and more people are becoming eco-conscious.

There is no strict legislation around the word natural, and you can create your formulations by establishing your criteria of what constitutes natural. In this article, we have discussed some key natural skincare trends that you might have been seeing in 2022 or will dominate the beauty scene in 2023.

What is Natural Skincare?

The word “natural”, when understood in terms of an ingredient, refers to being derived from nature and preserved as close to its natural form as possible. A natural cosmetic formulation then would come from natural resources such as plants, minerals, or animals.

If you are thinking of creating a natural private label, here are some of the labels which are associated with the term “natural”.

Organic: If your cosmetic formulations derive all of your ingredients from organic sources, you can call your private label organic. Organic products are usually non-toxic, free of sulfates, and cruelty-free.

Clean and Green: If you intend to limit environmental impact and champion sustainability, then you are focusing on being green. Clean refers to being non-toxic. As a clean and green private label, you might try to use recycled packaging, go cruelty-free, or use natural energy sources.

Cruelty-free and Vegan: Cruelty-free means avoiding any form of animal cruelty while manufacturing a product, and vegan refers to cosmetic formulations without any animal by-products.

Fairtrade: if you focus on ethically-sourced ingredients, a process that does not harm people or the environment, you believe in fair trade.

Natural skincare trends

Here are some of the latest natural beauty trends that have taken the beauty world by storm. Whether you have opted to create your skincare label using organic ingredients or by being vegan and cruelty-free, these trends will help you decide what are some of the natural trends and how you can incorporate them into your private label.

Reduced product waste

As consumers are getting increasingly eco-conscious, many skincare brands are trying to create reusable or minimalist packaging to reduce product waste. You can reduce waste by creating concentrated anhydrous products, which goes a long way. You can also opt for glass or aluminum packaging as these are reusable. Water-soluble plastics and other biodegradable materials can also be used for packaging.


As the name suggests, skinminimalism or skin-care minimalism is a growing trend that focuses on simplifying skincare regimen by using only necessary products with potent ingredients. It adheres to a ‘less is more’ ethos, teaches skin-care enthusiasts to opt for a basic, directed routine. Skin-care minimalism might lead you to recognize what works best for your skin. As it encourages people to use less products, you would be saving the environment due to reduced packaging waste.

Beauty Bars

Due to their environmentally-friendly benefits and practicality, beauty bars are back. Bars cut down on water waste, too and are all the rage right now. There are solid shampoos, lotions, and even serums now in the market. Shampoo bars, anyone?


The use of probiotics in skincare is an emerging obsession on the beauty scene. Probiotics are beneficial germs or bacteria that help protect the skin barrier and give a natural healthy glow to the skin. They also help with hydration and maintain the skin’s pH balance.


CBD is a beauty buzzword these days, and the obsession with this ingredient doesn’t seem to die down. This naturally-occurring compound is extracted from cannabis plants. The beauty world is obsessed with this ingredient due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Flax flower and seed

Flax is hailed as an important natural ingredient by the beauty industry due to its anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. It is suitable for mature or dry skin and helps with skin elasticity and the overall tone. You will see a lot of flax flowers and seeds in the coming days.

Gemstone Powders

An interesting yet innovative trend that you are likely to see on the beauty scene is the use of gemstone powders in skincare products due to their healing properties. Gemstones, such as amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and others, have varying characteristics, which will make them a staple in the beauty industry. You can check out our complete range of facial care with gemstones too.


Want to go natural? Check out “Made for Nature Labs”. Our products are exclusively formulated to cater to skincare enthusiasts who want to develop a natural skincare line. You can also opt for custom formulations and create products according to your liking. Our skincare philosophy is the use of safe, natural, and organic ingredients, which consumers are rooting for these days.