MOQ: 200 units
Ingredients: 100% Natural
Feature: Regenerates the skin.
Private Label available for this product.
Suitable for every day use.

Intimate Shower Gel Ultrasense

It transforms into a rich and smooth foam, releasing the delicate sensual aromas of the oils.

Effect: A special designed Body and Intimate Shower Gel, that washes, cleans and moisturizes the skin. After the shower it leaves a pleasant exciting smell on the skin.

Application: Apply a small amount of the gel to a sponge or hand and gently massage on the genital areas and the whole body, then rinse with water. Slight deposits are not a defect, it is because in our 100% natural cosmetics no stabilizers were used.

INCI: Aqua , Grape Seed Oil , Jojoba Oil , Saponaria Officinalis Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Lactic Acid , Tocopherol, Wheat Germ Oil , Chamomilla Recutitta Extract , Rosa Damascena Extract , Alantoin , Sandalwood Extract, White Musc , Tilia Tomontosa Extract , Ylang Ylang Extract , Cacao Flavour, Lactobaciilus Ferment

This product can be manufactured in Private Label at the MOQ of 200 units per type.

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200 units


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