custom formulation

We have an excellent range of products and formulas designed from scratch through our R&D team. However, if you want a little more flexibility in offering a particular formulation for your clientele, give our contract manufacturing natural cosmetics creation services a try. Our goal is to help you create a premium product that will be warmly received commercially by your target niche.

When you decide to work with Made by Nature Labs, you get the freedom of designing a tailormade formulation, specialized packaging, and unified label branding that allows you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. This is an excellent solution for those brands with high competition or who have brand-specific needs.

Whether you have a skin care product or a moisturizer in mind, we can assist you in bringing your vision to life! We can use our formulations as a base product that can be modified and adapted to your needs or start from scratch with a formulation you have already created. These decisions are based on your product development needs, vision, and budget. If you are interested in a product not in our current line, we can break down the formulation to create a product for your line that contains similar attributes.

Made by Nature Labe is ready to provide you with the specific documentation and safety assurances needed for your supply chain and target market based on the strict EU standards we follow. This means you benefit from our practice of using 100% natural ingredients that are safe for use and ethically sourced. This way, our industry knowledge will help you make the best choices for your brand formulations, packaging, and design. Together, we can ensure your brand’s future growth!

Tailored Solutions for Your Custom Formulations

We are a team of professionals committed to maintaining your brand’s privacy. That means we will make and fill your products, print and attach your labels, and ship them from our modern facility to your location, Amazon FBA Warehouse, or private business. Our clients trust us because of our reliability, expert knowledge, and confidentiality.

When you select a custom formulation, you get:

  • Access to our range of over 400 unique personal care products you can use as a starting base.
  • Bespoke solutions for your new formulations.
  • Personally selected packaging from our various stylish options.
  • Start with a quantity as small as 1,000 units per product.
  • The ability to supply your own unique label design.
  • And so much more!

Ready to get started with Made By Nature Labs’ line of natural skincare products? Send us a note through our contact page or give us a call. Our team is happy to answer any questions, comments, or inquiries you may have about developing your own brand.

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